New Year’s resolutions are success-averse.

Maybe because they are idealistic constructs, and we are faulty creatures. Alas, over a decade ago I shifted my thinking from “resolutions” to “themes.”

Themes, I felt at the time, were more practical; more success-oriented, in an aspirational way. And over the years, I’ve maintained this viewpoint.

In the earlier years — a fairly transitional and exploratory period of my life — they were somewhat abrasive. (If I’m being honest, in response to some early themed years, some friendships also became transitional.) In order, they’ve gone as follows, starting with a bang in 2009:

2009: F*ck it
2010: It is what it is
2011: Be honest
2012: Be selfish
2013: Don’t be a d*ck
2014: Be bold
2015: Smile
2016: Be modest
2017: Be a nice human
2018: Be present

By and large, thinking back, most of them were also pretty philosophical and big picture. And in them, I allowed myself a lot of freedom and flexibility. At the same time, especially in these last few years, my family has experienced some pretty critical and catastrophic losses, throwing big-picture thinking to the wind.

So for 2019, I’m going practical and tactical. I’m fixin’ to put my head down, and keep it there, while I wade through challenges small and big; focusing on what’s right in front of my face and controlling what I can.

For 2019, it’s get it done. Always and in all ways.

Get it done — kill it at work; be a f*ck of a husband, son, brother and friend; write some music; get back my abs; patch and paint those walls in the house. Get. It. Done.

The last few months, I’ve been using the phrase “onward” a lot, so perhaps this pending theme was coagulating before I knew it. Irrespective, it’s the plan, and here’s hoping it’s sticky.

So fellow Yankees, let’s do it. Southerners, let’s get ‘er done. Have at it!

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Small southpaw writing about nonprofits, creativity, kindness, and life.

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