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Some employee ‘perks’ are rights, not privileges

Index: Nicola Barts/Pexels

I first became a tax-paying cog in the American workforce in the mid-1990s. I was a teenager, but I remember advertisements in newspaper job listings — you know, the prehistoric, paper version of Indeed — that sometimes included details about job perks beyond the salary.

Later, when I graduated college…

Appreciation for patronage must be an ongoing endeavor, not a once-a-year email

Image: From HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones,’ edited by author

Let me be clear: gratitude is a magnificent thing.

It showcases the absolute best of humanity and has tremendous benefits for givers and receivers, alike. It builds social glue between people while encouraging a greater sense of positivity.

There are fewer industries than my own — philanthropy — where this…

Sometimes you’ll be the only one in the room who gives a damn

Image: Michelle Leman/Pexels

“Nobody cares.”

One of the most difficult, yet consequential, bits of professional advice I’ve ever learned.

I remember being an overzealous young professional in the early 2000s, filling my head and heart with worries about micro details, only to learn, painfully, that I was often the only one in the…

Because the longer I’m on this platform, the more I learn about the greats

Image: Vicki Yde/Pexels

Several months ago I took stock of where I was on my “Medium journey.” I’d been on this platform since the mid-2010s, but only really began taking it seriously in early 2021.

In that time, I’ve come to learn of some truly exquisite writers. People you may know, like George…

‘Hire for culture, train for skill’ is great advice… until it isn’t

Image: Khwanchai Phanthong/Pexels

Helen seemed like an ideal candidate on paper. During her interview, everyone was super impressed with her responses. She also came highly recommended by a colleague’s friend’s colleague — or something like that.

She was earlier in her career than we wanted, but as far as personality and other details…

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